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December 2009
  • Oooh, lots of news. My two favoritesÖIím on Kindle and a new release.

    Elloraís Cave books are being put into the Kindle format and at least six my titles are available. There are more to come. They are loading ECís back list alphabetically so my dragon books are there along with Christmas Elf (a holiday treat) and Close Quarters.

    And the other big news is Taking Shape is being re-released in e-format on January 1, 2010. Great way to start the New Year! Taking Shape was originally released in the anthology Transformations. Nick is shapeshifter who can turn into anything (or anyone) he touches. He finds himself in some interesting situations while trying to prove the delectable Tally isnít a criminal. Itís funny and sexy and good fun.

    Beyond that, Iím almost ready to submit the next werewolf book to my editor. And crazy stories are popping into my head. They might be to irreverent to write but Iíll have to see.

    Donít forget, Iím on Facebook and I have a new blog.

    Like I said, lots of news.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • October 2009
  • Itís Fall (almost winter in Alaska). Itís turning chilly and crisp and the best newsÖJacksonís Rise is out! Released October 7 from Elloraís Cave, itís time for Jax to meet his mates. Jacksonís Rise is part of my werewolf series which started off with New Yearís Kiss, followed by Summerís Caress and Maxwellís Fall.

    Iíve really been enjoying these characters and the world. So much so, that Iím working on the next book in the series. The working title is Moonlightís Shadow and itís the tale of Kiki, sister to Mikhel, Max and Jax. Iím about half-way through the writing, then weíll see what my editor thinks. Iím hoping to have it done and submitted by the end of November.

    Beyond that, Iím working on some revisions of Marvinís tale and a couple of smaller stories that have been nagging me to finish.

    Last month, I got a wild notion and re-read two of my booksóDragonís Rise and Dragonís Fire. Itís been years since Iíve picked these up and I loved returning to that world. Now Iíve got dragons stomping around my brain again and thatís always good fun.

    Enjoy the Autumn colors!

  • August 2009
  • Itís been a busy summer and itís staying that way! Lots going onÖMaxwellís Fall is coming out this month. Mark your calendars, August 26! Maxwellís Fall is a sequel to New Yearís Kiss and Summerís Caress. It stars one of the twins (Max, obviously) who you met in Summerís Caress. Max ends up impersonating his twin brother, Jax, and falls for the woman he thinks Jax is destined to marry. And yes, itís a m/m/f mťnage story so Jaxís best friend gets involved and then they all get ďinvolvedĒ and wow does it get hot. Good fun!

    Check out the Coming Soon page under ďBooksĒ to read more.


    My writerís group has been very prolific and successful this year. We have 4 authors with books coming out in August. To celebrate weíre holding a contest. It began August 10 and runs to the end of the month. Itís easy to enter. Send an email to Be aware that you could be added to each authorís mailing list but you can unsubscribe at any point. As most of you know, I only send out a few messages a year to my list and Iíd love to have you join.

    Here are the four titles, authors and release dates. I encourage you to check out my fellow writers.

      August 17
      * The Extremist by Juniper Bell, Liquid Silver Books
      * Six Foot Hero by Morgan Q. O'Reilly, Lyrical Press

      August 20
      * Skye's the Limit by Kianna Alexander, Red Rose Publishing

      August 26
      * Maxwellís Fall by Me! (Tielle St. Clare), Ellora's Cave

    Other News

    Marvinís story is submitted to my editor and Iím nervously waiting (tap, tap, tap) for her reaction. I think itís good fun (and really sexy). Weíll have to see what she thinks.

    And Iíve started a new story. The working title is ďMoonlightís ShadowĒ but that could change. Itís another in the werewolf/mťnage series. This is about one of Mikhelís sisters, Kiki. Sheís a very untypical werewolf but it only takes the right touch to bring out her animalís wild side.

    Donít forget to find me on Facebook.

    Iíve also started a Fan page which you can access from my main profile.

    Have fun!

  • July 2009
  • The number one question Iíve received over the last two years is ďwhenís Dragonís Prey coming out in print?Ē And now I have an answerÖitís Here! Dragonís Prey is available in print. Just follow the link. Iím really excited about it and love the new cover!

    More storiesÖKissing Stone is now available from Elloraís Cave. Itís the re-release of a story that was originally in the Irish Enchantment Anthology. Itís about a shy woman who ends up with a piece of the Blarney Stone. She kisses it and suddenly sheís saying and doing things she never thought she couldÖincluding seducing the man sheís been lusting after for months. Itís good fun. I wrote it back in 2003 so my style has changed a bit but I enjoyed it when I re-read it.

    Iíve been teasing you with promises of more werewolves and now for the pay off. Maxwellís Fall and Jacksonís Rise are done and in the queue for release. Maxwellís Fall should be out late August. No release date yet for Jacksonís Rise. Check out the Coming Soon page here for the cover and blurbs. Iíve just started work on a story about one of their sisters, Kiki and her heroes are yummmmmy.

    And Marvinís story is almost done. If you read Fairy Dust, you might remember MarvinÖheís the sympathetic second in command for Fairy Tale Land. Well, heís got his own story and dang me, but itís smokiní. Iím sitting with a glass of ice water throughout the editing process.

    Donít forget to find me on Facebook. I keep things pretty up to date there. Iíve got book covers and some other bits posted. Please be my friend at

    Have fun and stay cool!

  • June 2009
  • The big newsÖsomebody play a drum roll pleaseÖDragonís Prey is coming to print! I donít have a release date but itís on the Spring/Summer print schedule. Iím very happy about that and thank you to everyone who has written asking about its print release. Once I have an actual release date, Iíll send out a message to my email list (if you arenít already on the list, send me a note to

    Also, Maxwellís Fall and Jacksonís Rise are through the editing process. Donít have release dates yet but itís getting closer. The covers have been done and are verrrry sexy. As soon as I get permission to reveal them, Iíll post them here and on my Facebook page. Maxwellís Fall and Jacksonís Rise are the sequels to New Yearís Kiss and Summerís Caress. Both are hot (really hot if I do say so myself) mťnage werewolf stories about Mikhelís twin brothers.

    Beyond that, Iím writing a sequel to Fairy Dust (which I think is freakiní hilariousÖweíll see what my editor thinks, eh?) and working on several new smaller projects.

    Have a great summer. Stay Cool!

  • January 2009
  • First, check out the new releasesÖI have a story in Elloraís Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile IV. The title is Mating Run and itís short and sexy and lots of fun.

    Speaking of werewolf books, the sequels to New Yearís Kiss and Summerís Caress are almost here. No release dates as of yet but they have titlesÖMaxwellís Fall and Jacksonís Rise. These continue the stories of characters met in Summerís CaressóMikhelís brothers, twins Max and Jax. The books are filled with action, a little humor and well, lots of steamy sex. Each twin gets a chance to find his mates in an unlikely place.

    And Iím working on a follow up to Fairy Dust. More about that once my editor gets over the shock of what Iíve done to a much beloved fairy tale. Ha!

    And a question Iíve been asked a lot recentlyÖare there any more dragon books planned? I have a couple more stories from that world in my head. I have just havenít had the chance to write them down. Iíd still love to redeem Kafe (from Dragonís Kiss) and Iíd like to find some lady-dragons for Sixxís men (from Dragonís Prey). Weíll see what happens after I get the werewolves out of my system.

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